— The Wild World of Harri Peccinotti

The name of London-born, photographer and graphic designer Harri Peccinotti may be unfamiliar, but his work has been hugely influential.

One of the very first to shoot the legendary Pirelli Calendar, he “coined the idiom of gleaming bodies and strong, sleek sexuality”, one that is copied by better known photographers and used to sell luxury products to this day. Born in 1938, Peccinotti served as art director of Flair, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Vogue and, of course, Nova.


Nova, one of the most influential magazines of the 1960s,introduced epoch-making changes in graphics, formats and photo editing. A brilliant new book dedicated to his work from Damiani presents a broad selection of his photography published in fashion magazines, together with page proofs, book jackets and album covers created by Peccinotti over a period of about 40 years.

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