— Jac, Meet Zombie Boy

It’s not rare for a magazine cover to catch my eye to the point where I feel the need to share it…

…and along comes this one, and whatever train of thought I may have had about other more frivolous things is derailed in a heartbeat.


If Polish magazine Fashion were aiming for this cover to reach out and grab your attention with all the surprise of a skeleton hand on your shoulder, then they succeeded. But it’s strangely not shocking or grotesque or inappropriate or even mildly unpleasant. To my eye it’s got a certain emotiveness, a beauty-and-the-beast like romance, a quizzical sadness. It’s strong imagery, between Jac looking inordinately beautiful and ‘Zombie Boy’ (model and tattoo addict Rick Genest – and, yes, the tattoos are all real) staring imposingly off into the distance.


To be honest, inside the cover, the accompanying shoot, made in collaboration with the ‘Greenpeace on Climate and Energy’ Campaign, doesn’t grab me in quite the same way. The activism theme and bright colours don’t live up to the dark romance peddled by the cover – but you might feel differently.

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