— M/Mink Eau de Parfum

Super stylish branding for Eau de Parfum M/Mink, a collaborative effort between Stockholm based fragrance house Byredo and creative partnership M/M (Paris).

Byredo presents an essence that is, first of all, a wonderful and really unconventional artistic project: Ben Gorham, patron de la maison, and the “nose” Jerome Epinette were called by Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak of M/M (Paris) to “find the scent” of ink and writing. The brief comprised a block of solid ink from Korea, a photo of a japanese calligraphy artist and a strange utopic formula realized by Mathias and the instruction to create a scent that represents all that?


M/MINK (M/M + INK) is the answer: an unconventional essence of adoxal, clover honey, incence, patchouli leaves and amber with a simple structure and a strong character.


Via Byredo

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