— Identity For The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Having spent the past two years guiding the design development of the new Marrakech Museum of Photography & Visual Arts, I was intrigued to see the new branding for the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.The graphic is reminiscent of the cubic architecture of the museum’s building which was constructed by Japanese architect Kunio Maekawa in 1975. The simple design is calculated to represent ‘the origin of creation’ while combining the history and future of the museum in a strong and clear identity. Two variations on the design – one a solid cube and the other a linear, orthographic sketch – offer differing senses of weight and transparency, while the bold red color used in both graphicsis derived from the structure’s reddish-brown exterior, currently being renovated.


While the existing building frame is currently under construction, the TMAM will reopen its doors to the public in April 2012.


Via: Designboom

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