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At The English Group, we’ve always had our eye on good causes, movements and campaigns. Many of those we have had the privilege of being involved with have been focussed on Africa (such as Annie Lennox’s SING Campaign, The GREAT Initiative), and some of our clients such as Lady Lori are based in these areas. And so this new campaign, Kony 2012, struck a chord with us, and it’s very much something we would like to draw your attention to.

Kony 2012 is the brainchild of Jason Russell, who made a promise to a Ugandan child back in 2003 that he would stop the guerilla leader Joseph Kony committing crimes against humanity. Koney, leader of the guerilla party “Lord’s Resistance Army”, is known to have captured more than 30,000 Ugandan children, forcing boys to become child-soldiers and girls into sexual slavery. Jason Russell saw the effects of this atrocity first hand, and made a vow to do something about it. At the forefront of his campaign is a video, which begins with the phrase “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come, whose time is now”, and describes in detail how we all can directly help bring this tyrant to justice. At 12 noon on March 5th 2012, the video was released, and in mere hours this video has gone viral, invading Facebook and Twitter feeds, and is only set to gain momentum.

The idea is simple, but very clever. The way that the campaign has aimed itself with the visual identity like that of a US presidential candidate is brilliantly thought through – and perfectly timed.

You can watch the video below, it’s a very inspiring piece of video.

Via Kony 2012.

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