— The Diversity Of Women

While yesterday was International Women’s Day, I’ve intentionally posted this article today…


…issues of gender imbalance and gender inequality should not be something we allow our thoughts to be directed towards just one day once a year, it should be an ever present issue that concerns us and which we engage with.So, to this end, perhaps you might enjoy this App, called simply Women of the World, which celebrates the beauty, strength, and diversity of women.


Photographer Olivier Martel traveled to 75 countries, photographing women from a variety of ethnic, social, and political backgrounds. In addition to the nearly 500 photographs, you will also find a number of behind the scenes stories (which are updated frequently), offering a look into the lives and cultures from Russia to Mozambique.


The app allows you to view the images at random (with a cool “shake to shuffle” feature) or by selecting a country or region via an interactive map.


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