— Kate Moss farewells the Ritz

Kate Moss is something of a legend in the fashion world, now, albeit a living one; so one might imagine that a shoot she stars in would be focused on her. But this editorial for Vogue US is not: it’s all about the location.It was photographed at the Ritz Paris, and what Kate is doing instead is lending her legend to a homage of the opulent and storied hotel. The couture gowns featured in the shoot are befitting of the surroundings, though in all it’s a kind of farewell to the Ritz in its current incarnation as it closes its doors for renovation.


In Vogue’s pages are personal accounts of the Ritz: André Leon Talley gives a somewhat indulgent account, Amanda Harlech paints a picture of a well-oiled machine that adheres to a dying breed of old fashioned customer service, while author Edmund White speaks to the more troubled side of its star-studded history (worth reading, you can find White’s account here). On these accounts, Tim Walker’s opulently photographed shoot becomes not just an editorial but both a celebration of the Ritz and a manifestation of the collective nervousness an industry holds over what a renovation might mean to the once-home of Coco Chanel.


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