— Henri Matisse Illustrates 1935 Edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses

I bet your copy of James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’ doesn’t contain etchings by Henri Matisse1 Back in the mid-1930s, George Macey, an American publisher, approached the celebrated painter and asked him how many etchings he could provide for $5,000. Although it’s widely believed that Matisse never read Joyce’s sprawling classic (despite being provided a French translation of the text), he did come back with 26 full-page illustrations, all of them based on six themes from Homer’s Odyssey, the epic poem that Ulysses consciously plays upon. In 1935, an illustrated edition of Ulysses was printed. Matisse signed 1500 copies; Joyce only 250. And today a copy signed by both artists will run you a cool $30k.


To get a closer look at this fine edition, just spend a quick minute with the video to the right:


UPDATE: This video is no longer available.


Via: Vintage Anchor


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