— Ashley Cox Architect: Studio For An Artist

The latest in my ongoing collection of wonderful studios designed for artists or designers…New Zealand-based Ashley Cox Architect has recently completed ‘studio for an artist’, a small structure for a painter in Bluff Hill, Napier, New Zealand.


The sloping topography dictated a stepped volume, resulting with a linear floor planwith three floor level changes. without windows along the street-side elevation, the building is oriented inwards and views are directed towards the opposing ends. Capped with large windows, the transparent walls may be opened to access sun-filled courtyards, while additional glazing in the elongated elevation welcomes the colors of the adjacent garden which borders the studio into the neutral space.


South-facing skylights hinge above the roof plane, obstructing harsh and direct sunlight and admitting softer illumination
with translucent glazing panels. sliding windows allow for ventilation during summer months, making a platform to work alongside the greenery. the flexible configuration of the ‘open tube’ generates a space to accommodate the artist’s creative process and then transforms into a gallery upon completion of projects.


Via: Designboom

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