— These Dark Satanic Things

Two types of photo shoots dominate the fashion pictorial landscape: the literal and the artistic. There is blur between them, but I separate the two by what they’re attempting to communicate – literal photo shoots impart styling advice, artistic photo shoots impart a feeling.…and impart a feeling Treats magazine‘s (treatsmagazine.comRitual pictorial certainly does.


But it’s not a feeling that we’re accustomed to. Whereas most ‘fashion as art’ pictorials are keen to leave us dreaming of a particular lifestyle, Ritual instead plays to the dark and the mysterious and the gothic and the erotic. Its strengths lie not in its ability to make us envy a life less ordinary, but in its abilities to create a narrative and to draw us in – and the quasi-religous/quasi-satanic themes are clearly calculated to play with taboo and create an altogether unsettled response to the images.


The photographer is Signe Vilstrup.


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