— The Odyssey

Lovely re-covered book design from Boston Agency ‘Commoner’.

In their words:


“Considering the vast amount of themes covered in this title, it was hard to choose one to try and sum everything up. The theme that I found most consistent and the driving force behind Odysseus’s journey was love. The love Odysseus has for his wife and family is what gives him the perseverance to endure and survive all the hardships thrown at him.


I found the bow and arrow to be very symbolic for three main reasons:


1 – The bow and arrow is meant to represent Eros, the god of love.


2 – At the climax of the story, Penelope arranges an archery contest knowing for a fact that only her husband, Odysseus, would be able to win. Thus revealing his true identity and being reunited with his family.


3 – After winning the contest, Odysseus uses the bow and arrow to murder all of the suitors that had been trying to steal his wife from him in his absence over the years.


I took a minimalist approach to the illustration to evoke a feeling of mystery and curiosity….adding the small blood splash to the tip of arrow gives off a sense of adventure and implies violence.


Via Commoner

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