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After originally being published in the 1990s, Antenne Books and Levi’s (who paid for it to be printed the first time around) have re-released the first issue of cutting edge photography magazine W’HAPPEN. Edited by Jason Evans, the magazine features the early work of photographers like Corinne Day, Nick Knight, Wolfgang Tillmans, and David Sims, all of whom produced work that responded to the artificial and manufactured fashion images of the time. By looking back we’re given a peek at the burgeoning careers of these photographers, many of whom have now become household names, and we can see how truly groundbreaking and pioneering their work was.

With the current interest in heritage, as well as current trend for all things 90s, this really is the perfect time for W’HAPPEN to be re-released. As Jason Evans says, “its definition in opposition and its responses to a shifting economic and political landscape are not unlike the ones we are witnessing here and now.”

The magazine is now available from HUH Magazine’s online store for £15 (approx. $23) + P&P.


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