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The clever ambiguity of the name makes its meaning apparent in Pretty Wild Lingerie’s debut collection: pretty is in the detail, wild is in the attitude.

Designed by Iranian born, Belgian educated Firouze Akhbari, the label launched with the single intention of creating the kind of lingerie where each piece is a gift to give or recieve. And really, who wants to pull the ribbon off a beautiful black box and find cotton basics inside?


And so if luxury in lingerie is all about silk and leather and lace, then Pretty Wild are one of those labels worth discovering. A colour palette of classic black, white and red puts the label’s toe in the water without it diving head first into anything too trend-based. Three-dimensional details like ruffles, tassles and embroidered flowers sculptured strategically onto cups of bras give off the message that these are pieces you won’t be wearing for the sake of practicality – in fact, they’re very much made to be seen and enjoyed.


Via: Fashionising


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