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EVNI giant furniture at Milan Design Week.Italian designer Umberto Dattola and his collection of giant furniture, EVNI feature at Ventura Lambrate, in the spaces of Ventura Warehouse Indipendent. Chairs, armchairs, dressers and beds overlook the entire location.


“A collection of six surrealist pieces of furniture characterized by high legs, supports looking like stretched bony limbs that brought to my mind the painting “The Temptation of St. Anthony” by Salvador Dalí. Antique furniture, old, worn by time and use, to which Umberto Dattola offered, between dream and madness, a second chance, a chance to tell their story, to relive the past life through their shapes. Those that were previously only objects, inanimate pieces of furniture, are now transformed and, through the passion for wood and the artisan skills acquired through years of experience among shops and carpentries, are elevated to sculptures, unique pieces, almost fantastic, capable of evoking the feelings, passion and concerns absorbed with the passage of time.”


Via: English Oak Buildings


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