— Erin O’Connor by David Downton

This weekend The Sunday Times Style Magazine published David Downton’s paintings of model Erin O’Connorat eight months pregnant, before she gave birth to her son Albert Tate last month.

From The Sunday Times:

Erin is like a long, liquid brushstroke,” says the celebrated fashion illustrator David Downton. “She is such a gift to artists, so striking, so black and white, so graphic. You can draw her profile in a single line and it looks like her. And because her arms and neck are so long, she can make these incredible shapes.”


Add a baby bump and lose the clothes, and the result is the noble beauty of O’Connor, 36, with child. “I was eight months pregnant when David drew me,” says O’Connor, a few days after the “good, long marathon” of giving birth to her first child, Albert Tate (born last month). “We wanted a full-swell belly, loud and proud. I said to David,  a long-time co-conspirator of mine, ‘Here’s a challenge for you — ditch the right angles.’”


Via: The Sunday Times


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