— Lovely Colours

Another project by Established that I’ve seen, I just love the colour space on the collection of these books for Aschen & Voss. Powdery, pretty and clean – they demonstrate the style of the Swiss cosmetics company beautifully.


Via Established.

— Brooks Brothers Brand Book

It’s so refreshing and lovely to see a beautiful brand respect their brand values to the extent that they produce a beautiful brand book. Superbly executed by Established in New York City, the logomark itself and branding is a treat for the eyes!


Via Established.

— Nick Park’s first ever film

Here’s a lovely little treat. It’s the first ever animation by Nick Park, the mastermind behind the likes of Wallace & Gromit. Using a Bell & Howell 8mm movie camera, Nick made the animation in 1971 aged just thirteen, using his mothers sewing kit to create the set and characters.

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