— Morley Stockings

I came across this illustration this morning and discovered it to be a detail of a 1951 Morley Stockings advertisement, so went looking for the actual ad (which you can see by following the Read More).

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— Repulsion

German poster for Repulsion, starring Catherine Deneuve and directed by Roman Polanski, UK, 1965


The artist illustrating this poster was Jan Lenica (1928-2001).


…oh, Roman Polanski is 80 years old today.


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— Hilda Rock Climbing

Hilda Rock Climbing, by Duane Bryers (American, 1911-2012); an early 1960s hardware calendar illustration. Watercolor on board


Hilda is drawn in that pin-up style so redolent of the time, but is herself quite clearly something other than archetypal.


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hilda, hilda rock climbing, pin-up, pin up, illustration, chubby, full figure, illustration advertising

— Tail Of Wood

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