— The Very Best Of Cerrone

The days of classic album cover design are long gone, and this effort for a compilation of long forgotten Auber-disco king Jean-Marc Cerrone’s latest release doesn’t really help matters much.


…even if it does raise a smile.


You can see more of Cerrone’s discreet offerings after the jump.

— Criterion Designs

I’ve just ordered this on Amazon and genuinely can’t wait for it to arrive.


The Criterion Collection produce the most beautifully packaged collections of classic or otherwise worthy films on DVD or Blu-Ray, with graphic design always taken very seriously.

— Valentin Leonida

Valentin Leonida has created this packaging design for a box that holds a full collection of classical music stored on ‘crystal sticks technology’.


On his Behance profile he explains the sticks as a “New sound that will reveal subtle melodies you never knew existed. Hope that curiosity will drive you in the world of crystal sound!” 

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— Gillette

Beautiful packaging concept for Gillette by Karin Olafsdotter.


A great improvement over the existing direction by Gillette, it befuddles me why this elegant, timeless approach remained just a piece of marketing research and was not adopted.

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