— One for the girls…

…and the guys! Tom Bianchi never fails to satisfy the gap that exists when it comes to erotic male photography.


This image was removed from Instagram the day after it was posted. But to get more beautiful photographs that hopefully won’t be censored, either follow him on Instagram or Tumblr.


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— Quite Revealing…

The English Group: Work-in-progress


As last week’s post featuring digital postcards designed to promote the initial soft-launch of the Quite Frankly magazine website had proved so popular, here are a few more…

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— Quite Frankly, Quite Available

For those who might be wondering what to distract themselves with for a few minutes during a restful Sunday, I suggest that you go check out the new website for Quite Frankly magazine.




The site is taking orders now too.


The model on the cover is The English Group’s own Alice Taylor (who also worked on the design of the magazine and the website) and is photographed by Katherine Jane Wood.

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— American Apparel Ads Banned in UK

American Apparel has had its latest ad campaign banned in the UK by The Advertising Standards Authority, who said it contained ‘sexist’ and ‘voyeuristic’ imagery.


The campaign was for the new Back To School and School Days collections and depicted two young women bending over so that their underwear was visible underneath pleated school skirts.

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— Sin City II: A Dame To Kill For

I loved the first movie and eagerly await Frank Miller’s sequel, but there seems to be 101 different teaser posters preceding the release of the film.


So, let’s just concentrate on the only one of them to have been awarded the dubious honour of being banned.


It’s good enough for me though; simply because it features the delectable and always delightfully dirty Eva Green (and, if I’m bored later, maybe I’ll update the post with a broader selection of posters).


Via: IMP Awards

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— Nettie Harris by Renato Ramos Jr.

Having almost completed the printing of Issue One of Quite Frankly magazine, I admit to being mildly obsessed with the model Nettie Harris.


…she’s in Quite Frankly, both photographed by George Pitts and in a candid and revealing interview, and also features in a fine art photographic monograph of photography by Mikey McMichaels which will be launched at the same time.


Quite Frankly is of course designed by The English Group


Here’s Nettie looking entirely natural – just as she always does – – photographed by Renato Ramos Jr.


Via: The Quiet Front

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— Cole Magazine & Zoi

In preparing to launch a new (luxury erotic) magazine myself, I am always keen to see what others are doing to promote or announce the launch of their own publications


Here, Stefano Brunesci brings us a black and white film to promote the launch issue of Cole Magazine of model Zoi Gorman posing playfully – and sensually – in black and white.


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