— Nymphs and Satyr

I’ve always admired Bouguereau’s famous painting ‘Nymphs and Satyr’ and while Bouguereau’s working methods and style were traditional, this work is I think a wonderfully rhythmical composition.

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nymphs and satyr

— New Book Covers

Here’s a selection of fine new book cover designs. You can see considerably more across at The Casual Optimist.


The first is Unbuttoning America by Ardis Cameron; design by Kimberly Glyder; illustration by Al Moore (Cornell University Press / May 2015) 


For those too young to know, in the mid-sixties Peyton Place was a huge best selling novel in the States and one of the first seminal American TV series, and this new book taking a glance towards the phenomenon is likely to offer an interesting read.


You can see more of my own preferred cover designs after the jump:

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MADE Quarterly looks like an exciting new publication from the publishers of award winning graphic design periodical Process Journal.

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— Cereal No. 4

Our locally produced quarterly food and travel magazine Cereal – created by Bristol’s Rosa Park – have released their fourth beautifully designed advert-free magazine, focussing on edible topics, travel destinations, and interesting people who have caught their attention.

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— Drypoint Engraving

Amidst research into a new project for our client Armorial (who specialise in heritage print including engraving) I came across a different type of engraving called drypoint engraving. It is done with a needle and is more popular with a person trained in drawing, as using the needle is not dissimilar to using a pen or pencil. I love this wonderfully detailed engraving of a tree but unfortunately I don’t know who the artist is.

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