— Paper Fashion

Richard Avedon’s most famous fashion portraits are the ones that seem to capture the essence of elegance in the movement of a fabric or the graceful lines of a long limb. It’s Dovima in a Dior dress, arms outstretched towards two elephants, swan-like neck craned into a perfect arc. It’s Veruschka suspended into the air in a Bill Blass mini dress, as if the very mood of the era was a springboard beneath her satin slipper-clad feet. Avedon’s uncommon knack for immortalising fashion’s elegant side is something that continues to be admired, and it’s a skill Iban Montero pays tribute to in his latest shoot Limited Paper.

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— Manuscript

The cover of the 7th issue of Manuscript magazine featuring Kirin J Callinan as photographed by Kirin J Callinan.


…nice layout and use of type.

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