— New York In Colour

A fascinating web-based project that shows the averaged color of the New York City sky (which is updated every 5 minutes).



new york sky average colour

— Quite Frankly: Birthday Treats

To refer back to my post of yesterday, as the number of people of registering their interest on the Quite Frankly website was quite phenomenal, I shall again break my blog silence (when it comes to my own photography) and post these pics of my birthday present from Rebecca Milford, one of Quite Frankly’s writers.


Yep, it’s my birthday today.


If you’d like to give me a birthday treat too, all you have to do is  go register your interest in the Quite Frankly project – which you can do here – and if the results are the same, I’ll even consider posting more photographs.

It’s up to you…

— Metropoli

Latest cover for La Luna De Metropoli, with a design to complement the release of Christoper Nolan’s Interstellar on to cinema screens.


Via: Metropli

metropoli, la luna de metropoli, magazine, magazine cover, interstellar, christoper nolan

— Calligraffiti

Calligraffiti is a combination of calligraphy and graffiti. Calligraphy is about the art of writing and can have many forms. Whether it be Japanese ancient brush characters, Arabic pictorial scripts, illuminated mediaeval books or swirly quill writing… all calligraphy.

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