— Nadia Wicker: Self Portraits

The English Group seems to be having a small obsession with self-portrait photography at the moment, so when I cam across these images online by French photographer and make-up artist Nadia Wicker, I find myself more than happy to showcase the work here.


Via: Nadia Wicker

— Hunger

Here’s just one of four covers for issue No.7 of Hunger magazine; this one  featuring model Camilla Christensen photographed by Rankin.

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— A Portrait Of Life After Loss

Ben Nunery’s wife, Ali, died in 2011 after battling a rare form of lung cancer. Two years later, Ben and their daughter Olivia decided to move out of the house that he and Ali moved into the day before their wedding. With everything packed up, the house was empty, just like it was on the day they shot their wedding photos. So Ben enlisted Ali’s sister, photographer Melanie Pace, who shot their original set of wedding photos, to shoot a set of new ones.

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