— Paper Fashion

Richard Avedon’s most famous fashion portraits are the ones that seem to capture the essence of elegance in the movement of a fabric or the graceful lines of a long limb. It’s Dovima in a Dior dress, arms outstretched towards two elephants, swan-like neck craned into a perfect arc. It’s Veruschka suspended into the air in a Bill Blass mini dress, as if the very mood of the era was a springboard beneath her satin slipper-clad feet. Avedon’s uncommon knack for immortalising fashion’s elegant side is something that continues to be admired, and it’s a skill Iban Montero pays tribute to in his latest shoot Limited Paper.

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— Western Concourse at King’s Cross by John McAslan + Partners

A semi-circular vaulted concourse designed by British architects John McAslan + Partners will open at King’s Cross Station in London next week.


The architects, who have been progressing a masterplan for the railway station since 1998, have fully restored the five buildings that comprise the western elevation to serve as a backdrop to the new glazed entrance hall.

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— Shi zhu zhai shu hua pu

This is the World’s oldest multicolour printed book opened and digitized for the first time.


Until now, Shi zhu zhai shu hua pu (Manual of Calligraphy and Painting), was deemed too fragile to be opened, let alone viewed by the public.

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— Beauties of the Common Tool

“Among low-priced, factory produced goods, none is so appealing to the senses as the ordinary hand tool. Hence, a hardware store is a kind of offbeat museum show for the man who responds to good, clear ‘undesigned’ forms.”


“Who would sully the lines of the tin-cutting shears with a single added bend or whorl? Or clothe in any way the fine naked impression of heft and bite in the crescent wrench. To be sure, some design-happy manufacturers have tampered with certain tool classics; the beautiful plumb bob, which used to come naively and solemnly shaped like a child’s top, now looks suspiciously like a toy space ship, and is no longer brassy. But not so much can be done to spoil a crate opener, that nobly ferocious statement in black steel. In fact, almost all the basic small tools stand, aesthetically speaking, for elegance, candor, and purity”

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