— My Dinner With Helmut Newton

For photographer Remi Rebillard creating this shoot was more than just a creative process; it was a reminiscence. It was inspired by, Remi says, a dinner he had with supermodel Karen Mulder and her then-boyfriend at the Brasserie Lipp in Paris, 1996. Sitting next to them was famous photographer Helmut Newton and his wife June. Newton was, in Remi’s account, “shooting pictures of anything around him while eating” – the ceiling, the people, the waiters, and Karen.


Since those days photography has moved on to the point where everyone is some kind of photographer. Digital makes photography accessible and many would say the true charm is gone. Or at least, harder to find.


Thinking back to those Newton days Remi created Emulsion, the title referencing manual film processing. The images themselves are cleverly overlaid with rippling water, or are photographs of photographs. In those effects do Remi’s reminiscences lie.


“I just miss the Polaroid and this period sometimes,” says Remi.


For me too, this is a most evocative body of work that genuinely makes me want to pick up the camera again.


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