— Jason Ierace: Crashing Waves & Barefoot Days

As the weather gets more and more wintry here, or wetter by the day, this hot summer shoot from Australia provokes thoughts of holidays and that ever present need for warmer weather.For the Southern Hemisphere, summer is around the corner. You can just about feel the sun’s rays licking through the widening cracks in spring’s shell, steeping November in a promise of hot days to come. But summer is so much more than just a notch up on the weather report. It’s orange sunsets, crashing waves, balmy nights and barefoot days; it’s a feeling in the air as real and as sticky as the melting ice-cream that runs down your hand.


In this shoot both the styling by Emma Wood and photography by Jason Ierace have a way of scooping up that summer feeling and trapping it in an image. A silhouette against an ocean sky; a high waisted vintage style swimsuit that’s more surfer chic than pinup girl; frills on a bikini bottom that flounce in the breeze as you run barefoot along a beach road.


Via: Fashionising


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