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As a blog editor for The English Group I post regular articles to website blogs that we have designed for some of our clients, including East-African helicopter safari/charter company Lady Lori and I’d like to share my three favourite posts with you, one of which includes this stunning photograph of Sudanese British Super Model Alek Wek.

From the top my favorites are:


1: Alek Wek

This post gives a brief overview of how Alek Wek fled the civil war in Sudan and became an International super model and shows some of the most stunning photographs of the model.


If you like to read more, please click Here


2. Giraffe Manor

In this extraordinary hotel, located in Kenya and initially built as a family home in 1931, you are actually being joined by Giraffes during breakfast when they stick their heads through the windows


You can read all about this hotel Here


3. Saved From A Muddy Grave

I was very moved by this story about a baby elephant and it’s mother who got stuck in the mud, how the rest of the family herd desperately tried to help and how in the end a team of conservation workers had come to the rescue.


Read the whole story Here


Please do have a look at the Lady Lori blog by clicking Here, it is my favourite and certainly worth following.


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