— American Apparel Advertising …part two.

American Apparel’s ads have always been provocative  – you can look at the new season layouts here – and lately they’ve been grabbing more headlines than ever.


Namely, the ad for sheer lace panties (shown here) revealing the model’s pubic hair which ran late in 2011 and generated much consternation – especially in the ever conservative US.While their advertising has taken a step back since (becoming decidedly more modest and personal), there’s been an outcry online demanding a return to the unabashedly naked and provocative that the brand is known for.


So here’s a look back at American Apparel’s more provocative ads that have run since 2003 – and there are many many more that I could have added to this post.


…unsurprisingly, last month wasn’t the first time the hipster retailer released an ad showing pubic hair, take a look back here to an earlier ad that ran in 2007.


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