— Kris Kuksi: Modern Rococo Sculpture

All at The English Group – who tend to lean towards manifestations of exquisite attention to detail – love these images of American artist Kris Kuksi’s ‘Triumph’ installation at Joshua Liner Gallery.The three sculptures have been formed in the style typical to Kuksi– completed in an obsessively ornate, architectural,macabre and precisely unbalanced aesthetic. The intricate dystopian surrealist shrine-like sculptures combine modern figurines of plastic soldiers with the detail and precision of rococo masters.


The fantastical realism which comprise the three floating and wall mounted sculptural works are assembled in a manner which pays homage to the precision of baroque masters, evoking a timelessness witnessed in each perfectly preserved reality. The detail observed in his assemblages appreciate the dark and grotesque, each work examining the rise or fall of a civilization or figure.


The works displayed to the right are as follows:

‘Hercules vs. Diana’ 2011

Mixed media assemblage

26in x 28in x 10in


‘The Visitation’ 2011

Mixed media assemblage

25in x 19in x 8in


‘The Surrender of Helios’ 2011

Mixed media assemblage

32in x 27in x 8in


A detailed view of the ‘Surrender of Helios’


All images courtesy the artist and Joshua Liner Gallery


Via: Designboom


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