— Lasercut Paper Sculpture

An immersive and intricately designed lasercut paper sculpture by Quiddale O’Sullivan of the Architectural Association’s School of Architecture representing our consumption and commodification of water and its fragility as a resource.

In their own words:

The project began with a study into the end of free water, which suggested the idea of a prosthesis as a human augmentation – a personal ‘pet’ that filtered urine and improved the body’s efficiency to use and re-use water. Moving beyond the scale of the body I found a loophole in the way global water sources are managed – no one can own the water falling in a waterfall. What I propose is a structure that acts as a protest, inspired by the way Greenpeace intervenes in a specific location to draw attention to a political issue.


My floating monument to our dying freedoms billows over a glacial waterfall in Iceland, itself symbolic of our changing world. As the visitor clambers and climbs through the spaces in flux they are drawn into a never-before experienced relationship with the roaring cascade. The very act of inhabiting a space previously uninhabitable makes the visitor aware of the fragility of the resource – this project is a physical prosthesis for a global political issue.



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