— Angelo Musco’s Human Body Photographic Collages

The photographic portfolio of Angelo Musco, an Italian-born and New York City-based artist, is comprised of elaborate, large-scale panels picturing millions of bodies captured in various formations. Musco then overlays human images in order to construct a structure highly detailed photographic work picturing a structure built from these forms. At a distance, the image appears to be something from nature such as a tree, nest, honeycomb or web, while at close-range, the viewer recognizes the interconnected chains and masses of nude bodies which make up each greater structure.


At the foot of the portfolio of photographs of the works to the right, are two videos; the first showcasing a behind-the-scenes view of this intricate photographic portfolio and ‘Process’, focusing on ‘Xylem’, one of Musco’s most recent compositions.


Via: Designboom

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