— A Fraction Of The Whole

I thought this one of the more interesting of recent book cover designs, and it’s fascinating to gain a glimpse at the design process:Here’s Penguin’s in-house designer Nathan Burton talking about the design:


“I was an inhouse designer for Penguin, looking after the Hamish Hamilton imprint when I worked on this cover. Like most of the HH books I worked on there was no brief, just read the book and come up with an idea.


At some point in the narrative the main characters live in a house surrounded by a maze of hedges. I thought this could make a great cover image and spent a lot of time noodling about with mazes and type. Great fun but in the end it was decided that it wasn’t quite right for the book.


After spending so much time on the aborted maze cover I needed a quick solution. I had an image of a dog that I’d found on Mary Evans Picture Library that I always wanted to use somehow so I started playing around with the idea of a cover that was missing a “fraction” of it by punching out holes to reveal the title underneath. The editor (Simon Prosser, very supportive) loved the idea but didn’t get the dog (ok, there was no dog in the book but by this stage I was getting a bit desperate). He suggested an Australian landscape which worked perfectly. Phew!


The type face came from an old type book and which I traced over to give a hand drawn feel. The image is from pictureaustralia.org, which collates photo’s from various Australian institutions”.


Via: Faceoff Books

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