— Saturday night, all dressed up…

…and nowhere to go..


It’s the times that you get all dressed up and your outfit works – your hair cooperates, your makeup is good – that Murphy’s Law kicks in and your plans fall through.Rolf A. Jensen’s shoot All Dressed Up takes place in a hotel room, and the narrative centres around one of those inevitable moments.


Our protagonists, models Lea and Kimera, get dressed to hit the town, helping each other apply makeup and style hair. But phoning around to find a party to go to proves fruitless and they’re left to make their own fun.


Champagne from room service and a game of strip poker later and the old adage of ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’ may be true, but it’s no barrier to a fun night in. Linda Camilla Myrseth’s styling carefully reflects the mood of young girls being playful and yet wanting to be sophisticated. As Rolf explained, he wanted to stay away from a strict formal look and instead present outfits that the young girls could truthfully afford and feel comfortable in.


Beautifully shot for Vonmode magazine


Via: Fashionising


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