— Breathtaking Paper Cuts

Meticulously cut paper images by Bovey lee, aChinese artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

This is what patience and clean hands looks like… Wow.


Taken from her artist statement:


“Power, sacrifice, and survival are the underlying narratives in my cut paper works. Within the parameters of these three subjects, I create layered and dramatic stories referencing my life experiences, response to headline news, and concerns for urban and environmental issues. I hand cut each work on Chinese rice paper with silk backing. In my recent installations, I have also cut using Tyvek and vinyl.


I work with Chinese rice paper on silk because both materials are culturally significant and sustainable. Made from mulberry and/or Qintan tree bark fibers, rice paper is tissue thin, dense, and soft to the touch. Silk is light but very strong and is also natural and renewable.


I define what I do as drawing with a knife. My life long love affair with art begins with practicing Chinese calligraphy and pencil drawing since age ten. When I cut paper, it is a visceral reaction and natural response to my affection for precision, detail, and subtlety. The physical and mental demand from cutting paper is extreme and thrilling. Working in silence, my works slow me down and allow me to think clearly and decisively.”


Via: Bovey Lee

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