— Silver Oak Cellar Wine Packaging

Ryan Anthony Wolper designs rustic, conceptual wine packaging for Silver Oak Cellars. Sandblasted glass give an unusual look to the wine bottles.

“The aging process, from barrel to bottle, is the main influence for the materials chosen for this project. The outer packaging, constructed of oak, is designed to mirror the process that Silver Oak specifically chooses for their barrels. To represent the charring of the barrels, the typography is burned into the wood and the pieces cut with an laser cutter. The left side of the box contains Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley and the right contains wine from the Napa Valley. The bottles are completely sandblasted with the exception of the logo and laser etched which gives the surface type of the bottle a silvery shimmer. The logo is inspired by the aging process as well as the winemakers selection process. The S is a circle divided in half to represent the two vineyards that are meticulously assessed by the winemaker who only selects the grapes that complement one another to enhance the final blend. The O is representational of the grapes from each of the vineyards, which in turn become the wine in the barrels where everything is brought together to create the flavors that define Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon.”


Via: Behance

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