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Cara Barer’s book project has a lot to do with chance and experimentation.A random encounter with an old phone book was the primary inspiration and after that, more than seven years ago, she began the search for more books and methods to change their appearance. Their size, type of paper and sometimes contents guide her work. Her Windows 95 book had a new shape and purpose after soaking for a few hours in the bathtub but New Century Dictionary of the English Language, which she considers a little treasure, was saved from taking on a new form.


Symbolizing the overload of information in our lives, these time capsules offer a way to preserve the printed word on paper and raise questions about the future of books and the ephemeral and fragile nature in which we now obtain knowledge. Attempting to blur the line between objects, sculpture, and photography, she makes clear no important books were injured for this project.


…a nice way to celebrate yesterday’s World Book Day.


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