— Top 10 Flower Paintings

Observer Art Critic Laura Cumming selected these paintings as the ten best flower paintings of all times. Her favorite one is this Tulip painting from dutch artist Judith Leyster’s Tulip Book (1643), which is now in the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

The other paintings, from the top:


2. Monet
Blue Water Lilies (1916-1919)
Musée d’Orsay, Paris


3. Georgia O’Keeffe
Oriental Poppies (1928)
Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis


4. Manet
Lilacs in a Vase (c 1882)
Nationalgalerie, Berlin


5. Andy Warhol
Flowers (1970)
The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh


6. Hokusai
Bullfinch on Weeping Cherry (c 1840)
British Library, London


7. Dürer
Tuft of Cowslips (1526)
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC


8. Jan Brueghel the Elder
Flowers in a Vase (year unknown)
National Museum of Art, Bucharest


9. Henri Fantin-Latour
Roses (1894)
Private collection


10. Van Gogh
Vase with Pink Roses (1890)
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC


To read Cumming’s description with each painting, click here


Via: The Guardian


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