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As has been widely speculated, new details have leaked about Leica’s rather sexy upcoming cameras, including the boldly fascinating Leica M-Monochrome and the next generation of the Leica X series. While we featured Leica’s new X2 yesterday (which you can check out here), today we’ll showcase the rather intriguing Monochrome.


Leica’s digital cameras are known to excel in black and white photography, despite being digital, but the new Leica M focuses entirely on B&W -which is an altogether fascinating specialisation. Apparently, there are many technical benefits to eliminating color, “sensor sites have colored filters over them, called the Color filter array. They do not sense the wavelength of the incoming light, but rather are only exposed to one wavelength.”


Whatever the science though, from an aesthetics-only point of view, nobody tops camera design better the mystical Leica. Every single device the company releases is drop-dead gorgeous, with a level of precision that you’d find in the interior of a Bentley.


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