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Having been involved in the design, development and marketing of a number of new hotels over the past few years, all at The English group are always intrigued by latest developments in this sector… …and, on a personal level, I’ve always had a perverse fascination with the latest architectural excesses that Dubai constantly seeks to impose upon us.


So, check out this new hotel in the Gulf:A Dubai building company named Drydocks World have just signed a contract with a Swiss firm named BIG InvestConsult to develop a brand new series of underwater hotels – one of them being this Water Discus Hotel in Dubai.


The design consists of two main discs, one above water and one below. This will allow guests of the 21 room hotel to make the most of the warm weather while at the same time enjoying the incredible scenes of the ocean. Don’t worry about safety either, the designers had that at top priority and have designed the hotel to be able to withstand a fairly high tsunami, which would normally flood the coastal areas.


Via: Huh Magazine


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