— Amber Anderson By Camilla Akrans

We’ve featured Eres campaigns in this blog before; always because they seem to have such wonderful sense of their own colour space.These images don’t disappoint in that respect either, but following in the footsteps of fellow bucksome supermodel, Lara Stone, Amber Anderson positively sizzles the lens of world renowned photographer, Camilla Akrans; in a sensual encounter with the Eres’ Lingerie Spring 2012 collection (queued by feminine pieces and intimate settings that seem somehow effortlessly natural to the model).


Stunning with youthful beauty and womanly curves, Amber seems an idyllic choice for the campaign. Camilla has been the campaign photographer at Eres for several seasons now, and never disappoints. Her vision is flawless; as she seems to see only the most enchanting aspects of her subjects. Akrans is a photographer that has a history of working with the same few models with whom she connects and thrives.


I do hope we will see more of her working with Amber in the future.


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