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Casa Bosques is an initiative, founded by Mexico based design studio Savvy, to develop a variety of seasonal and sustainable products through a collaborative process across multiple disciplines.

The initiative’s first product line, a range of 12 chocolates inspired by the months of the year, were created by master chocolatier Jorge Llanderal using high quality Ecuadorian cocoa fused with spices selected by experts.


An incredibly interesting and unusual piece of chocolate packaging that presents the careful formulation of raw ingredients with a clinical and scientific resolution of a white card stock with adhesive label. The rejection of rich colour and the premium design conventions of the category, in favour of an information heavy, typographic solution (that confidently mixes type size, weight and line detail to deliver a practical hierarchical layout) appropriately places significant weight on cocoa content and provenance. It neatly avoids the superfluous without appearing under-designed, communicating a genuine and honest sense of quality.


Via Casa Bosques

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