— Glass House For (A) Diver

While this example of residential architecture isn’t quite the epitome of stylish elegance that many others across this site do tend to be, I like its blunt presence and it’s location too of course.


…and, more than that, it might also be altogether ‘fit for purpose’.Tokyo and Hiroshima-based practice NAF Architect & Design have recently completed ‘Glass House For Diver’ – should that be ‘Glass House For A Diver’? – an ocean-side residence in Hiroshima, Japan.


The exterior is generated by stacking 1 x 1 x 1.5 meter blocks on top of one another, similar to the form of breakwaters to dissipate waves. Manufactured from leftover concrete, the blocks are produced by accumulating the extra material at a cement factory in Etajima City in Hiroshima. The pace of the house’s construction was directly dependent upon the formulation of the components, as construction waited for their phased arrival to the Site. An unusual way to schedule a project’s process, this example of ‘Slow Architecture’ is not perceived as a normal approach in modern day construction.


A groove cut into the surface facilitates the lifting of the elements into place by crane. reinforcing bars are placed through the unit to stabilize during seismic events. Stacked in rows, the alignment of vertical joints dictate the standardized shifts between them to create even intervals. The open-weave arrangement allows wind to pass through while obscuring views for privacy inside. Sunlight reflects off the surface and into the interior which is enclosed with a glass wall set inside the perimeter blockade. A steel roof shelters from solar gain.


…and, yes, I would love to live here!


Via: Designboom

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