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The English Group regularly follows the fashion blog The Libertine, who have – over the past couple of days – actively promoted the ‘Keep It Real’ campaign.


…and as someone who often contemplates the issue of body image and depictions of women in media (alongside our own balancing of art, fashion, beauty, visual culture, and the ever present risk of more exploitative portrayals) – let alone the fact that I am myself at the moment eight and a half months pregnant – it’s easy to find myself intrigued by this campaign too.

In (founder of The Libertine) Kate Van Raden’s own words:


Both myself and my amazing mother, were honored to participate in an article published yesterday at the kick off of Miss Representation’s ‘Keep it Real Challenge’; spotlighting the influence of media and the fashion industry on the health, well-being and happiness of women and young girls in America today. We are both very passionate about the issue, and have committed these three days to featuring the on going discussion on our blogs. Please join us and the movement by creating your own ‘Keep it Real’ campaign (with whatever social-media platform you have access to) over the remaining two days! If you would like to read the article, you can find it HERE.


Here, we feature a small selection of the many many photographs of unretouched or otherwise digitally manipulated images that Kate has used to decorate her own blog posts; women of all shapes and sizes, free of make-up (though not necessarily tattoos, piercings, or other forms of self-expression), and just being themselves.


Some of the images (at the head of this post are as follows:


Plus sized model Lizzie Miller (in an image that caused such controversy in the States when it ran across all media).


Sophie Dahl unretouched.


Plus sized model Katya Zharkova


‘Unretouched’ a fashion study of model Penelope Benson nude by Paul Westlake


‘Large’ model Robyn Lawly’s postcard sent to support the campaign and supporting image.


Following Kate Van Raden’s selection of women ‘keeping it real’ there’s a photograph – sans make-up – of Kate herself (and she’s clearly no slouch in the looks department either).


Via: The Libertine

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