— ID Sarrieri A/W 2012 Collection

In case you’re wondering why all the underwear posts over the past few days, it’s all because The English Group is just starting work on a really exciting new design project to create a brochure – design, illustration, photography, and print – for a UK lingerie business.

So, it’s all just image research.




…mind you, it doesn’t seem to have hurt our website traffic at all!


Anyway, to quote Fashionising (where you can see even more from this collection) for this one:


Lingerie can often be described as soft, or pretty, or sexy, or even (in the case of fetish-gone-fashion) hard. But it’s not as common for the adjectives of fierce and feminine, delicate and strong, to apply at the same time. You might go down that path with the contrasts that exist in ID Sarrieri’s Autumn/Winter 2012 lingerie collection.


Silver droplets stud black lingerie in a way that’s both armour-like yet fit for a showgirl. Delicate lace bras are accessorised by bondage chokers, or a choker whose only embellishment is a silver razor blade.


The accessorising of chains and harnesses and motorcycle boots aside, the lingerie pieces themselves have a soft glamour that never moves too far out of the realm of functionality. These are luxury lingerie pieces most any girl would be happy to wear.

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