— Modern Art At Versailles

I thought I’d do a piece on the incredible modern art collection at Le Chateau de Versailles. So, in the words of Michele Llanos at Trendland:


I have always had an affinity to the beautiful juxtaposition of old and new living together symbiotically, creating imagery that evokes memory through history and emotion, and hope through a context of new creative thought processes.


Placing a giant Jeff Koons balloon sculpture in the very carefully manicured courtyard of the Chateau or a Joana Vasconcelos crotched installation in the ornate and gilded staircase gives me a plethora of interesting sensations which I hope I can convey to you through this edited post of imagery.


Debauched tragedy, incredible artisanship and our present day debacles all come to mind as I travel through this incredible setting at the Chateau de Versailles.


For more information visit www.chateauversailles.fr


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