— I Was Shot By Billy Kidd

This is his very clever and catchy tag line, which of course is a perfect fit with his super cool name, and which is superimposed over his images as you scroll down on his blog, billykidd.blogspot.com. I love his intimate, raw and gritty style, which he somehow manages to shake some sweet angelic dust over, giving us portraits of beautiful girls and boys that just give it up, all of it, their essence, their insides, their feelings. He is down to earth, no superficial fashionista dogma or emotional manipulation tricks in this work, he is just a regular cool guy giving us the gift of the real deal.


Kidd is originally from Phoenix, Arizona but lives in Brooklyn. He’s only been able to call himself a photographer since 2007,  “I was horrible,” he says. “I didn’t have any inspiration, and didn’t connect photography with art. It wasn’t until I shot a friend – a woman – that I shot anything good.” His simplicity ( on every level ) is his weapon, no fuss, no ego, he captures his images with a Canon 5d mark II. The images I have selected are in three sections, editorial/portraits, then his haunting and heartbreakingly gorgeous flowers – which are good enough that I shall show them in a post of their later – and finally a collaboration he and his girlfriend Heather Huey‘s did of her badass accessories, (There’s a show of this collaboration at  Clic Gallery New York, September 6th, invite below).


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