— Brushwood Typeface

Beautiful typeface by Riccardo Sabatini.

“This project has originally started one year ago, as a custom font for an eco-design event.


The project has been aborted, and I’ve stopped to develope the letters.


Initially uploaded as single project, just the first three letters, on Deviantart, it has reached a good amount of views (over 5k) and a lot of comments asking me “when the whole alphabet?”. I’ve always answered with a “dunno, gonna think about it”. And I’ve kept procrastinating it.


A month ago I’ve decided to give it another chance and I’ve started to work again on the letters, uploading all the wip process on my Facebook page, receiving a good feedback about it.


This is the final result.


Hope you like my Brushwood Typeface.”


Via: Behance

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