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Released this week, at an exclusive launch party hosted by Saatchi & Saatchi, is Victory Journal‘s 4th issue, The Greatest. The cover, shot by Thomas Hoepker, pays tribute to legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.
Inside this large newspaper style issue you’ll find The Invisible Man, featuring an exclusive interview and pictorial spread with photo journalist Thomas Hoepker about his time spent covering Muhammad Ali in the 1960’s and 1970’s.


On the non “glorious” side of Ali:
TH: Well…he was moody. He was certainly not happy and loudmouthing all the time. He was deeper than what he projected. He projected to be the noise maker, the funny guy, the totally exaggerating, bragging loudmouth. But there were moments and even days where he was in a bad mood or he was thoughtful or quiet and that’s also part of it.


The Greatest issue, of this award-winning journal—created by Aaron Amaro, Christopher Isenberg, & Kimou Meyer of Doubleday & Cartwright – has a trilogy of features that portray and pay tribute to the boxer widely acknowledged as “The Greatest of All Time.”


Float Like a Butterfly is a re-interpretation of Flip Schulke’s iconic photo shoot of a young Cassius Clay training in a Miami swimming pool, shot by acclaimed photographer Chadwick Tyler and featuring fashion model Elsa Hosk standing in for the legendary boxer. The centerpiece of Doubleday & Cartwright’s latest release is The Marvelous Mouth by celebrated American author Tom Wolfe. The article, first published in the October 1963 issue of Esquire, is accompanied by new illustrations produced by longtime Victory collaborator Mickey Duzyj.


Victory Journal is now available at select retailers throughout the US. $5.


The event which featured mural sized prints of 17 photos and illustrations selected from each of the four issues of Victory Journal will remain on display at Saatchi & Saatchi (NYC) from Oct 9th – 15th. Visitors are welcome to view the exhibit at no charge.


About Victory Journal: Victory Journal is the new refuge of the true sportsman. Unmoved by statistical analysis and provincial opinionating, Victory is concerned with the eternal glories and ignominies of players and pursuits the world over. From sumo wrestling to nautical jousting, ’80s icons to Olympic hopefuls, Victory unearths the sublime joys of the sporting life through reportage and oral history, photography and illustration.


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