— Pantheon by Fala & Filipe Paixao

Having always had an affection for Marrakech, and featured aspects of this wonderful location throughout this blog, I’m fascinated to read about this latest project for the City.

The radical proposal for marrakech’s main square by Portuguese designers Fala & Flipe Paixao revises the Pantheon concept, as everything happens in the square. A market filled with tourists, color, light, movement, with no apparent order wouldcover the entire space, where in the center, a small opening would give users reason to go under the structure.


The strength of the monolith only makes sense for the beauty of its exception. By proposing a massive concrete structure that creates a shadow on the market, a tent in the square, a force would try to impose an abstract order on the site. Product of a simple geometry, the site is 100 meters long and is oriented in north-south arrangement. The slab is supported by a regular grid of concrete columns; where at the core there is a light source that gives the whole a reason to be remembered.


Via: Designboom

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