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‘Fragile Mind’ is a bold piece of work by Jonathan Stead. This very personal series, where he documents the last few months of his Grandmother’s life and her struggle with dementia, displays the difficulty and hardship of the illness, conveyed with grace and serenity.

‘All my work is underpinned by the analogue creation process. I believe photography only exists in the physical, much of my work plays on the contradiction that we often imagine photography to be a two dimentional medium – and increasingly a screen based one.


I am drawn to creating work that is inherently physical and that shows that it has been created by someone rather than simply printed through a machine. I work with a variety of cameras, processes and techniques including pinhole, single-element lens, large format and hand-made or adapted cameras. I often create new, or adapt existing cameras to achieve a particular image or series of images. My cameras are an artists working tools, carefully fashioned to accomplish a specific task – no more, no less.’


Via Jonathan Stead


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