— Sal Curioso

I am in love with this illustrative approach to branding for restaurant Sal Curioso, designed by Substance, a stu­dio with loca­tions in both Paris and Hong Kong.

“Madam Sixty Ate is a fan­tas­ti­cal trav­eler who encoun­ters sur­real crea­tures. It seemed nat­ural to pro­vide her a com­pan­ion, sal curioso; span­ish ex-lover, inven­tor and uncom­mon genius. He metic­u­lously designs and builds con­trap­tions to best broil, steam or pop the strange ani­mals from madam’s travels.


Each device is accom­pa­nied by sal’s anno­ta­tions. His schemat­ics fill the menus as patents, the inte­rior is his stu­dio dis­play­ing assem­bled machines and licens­ing labels as busi­ness cards. Showcased is his anthol­ogy com­plete with illus­tra­tions and dia­grams. Even the coast­ers are not immune – they are a pip­ing sys­tem to trans­port excess con­den­sa­tion when placed together to con­nect the pipes.


A great thinker, sal is a pro­lific writer who dis­plays his a wall of books writ­ten and illus­trated by him­self dis­play­ing a fas­ci­na­tion for inno­v­a­tive cook­ing tech­niques and anti­quated culi­nary history.”


Via: Design Work Life

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