— Love Hurts

Graduate Melanie Chernock created a first aid kit for heart breaks. 

“Love Hurts was created based on an assignment to make an activity book. I thought it would be more interesting to make a sort of activity kit instead. From there, I came up with the concept of Love Hurts: A first aid kit for a broken heart. Initially, I knew that I did not want to make a kit of sadness and wanted to approach the product with a sense of humor. Love Hurts contains all of the essentials for going through a rough breakup such as dark chocolate, vodka, an excellent mix CD, and, if all else fails, tissues. All of the products come neatly packaged in a compact kit. A promo video was also made to show the products in use. ”


Designed by Melanie Chernock, SVA graduate, USA


Via: The Dieline


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