— Irving Penn

Hamiltons Gallery, London, will be exhibiting Cranium Architecture from 19th June until 13th September.

“‘Cranium Architecture’ sees Penn create a beautiful, absorbing study of animal skulls from the collection of the Narodni National Museum in Prague.


From gorilla to giraffe, the photographer treats each subject with fastidious equality – zooming in or moving away to ensure that all the skulls are the same size and placing them in a simple white background. Abstracting the objects so is disorientating and challenges the viewer to look at them in a different way.


As the series’ title suggests we are encouraged to view each skull as a unique but familiar construction, created by the powerful yet sensitive hand of nature, to house the most precious of organs – that which defines and directs us, both physically and mentally.”






Spotted Hyena




Via: This Isn’t Happiness, Paris Photo


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