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Wine labels design ed by Voice.Hither & Yon is the result of Richard and Malcolm Leask’s unwavering passion to deliver the best possible wine from South Australia’s McLaren Vale wine region. With vineyards scattered high and low throughout the entire range of McLaren Vale’s diverse terroirs, the Leask brothers seek out the finest parcels of fruit from each vintage for their wine making adventures.


That was all the inspiration Voice needed to create the brand, Hither & Yon, producing a design that reflected the constant diversity and unexpected pleasures of the wine within. The symbolic ampersand derived from the name gives the range consistency, whilst allowing infinite variations in typography and illustrative style. Using a different illustrator, from a different part of the globe every time, a unique ampersand is created to represent the tasting notes of each variety and vintage—expressing colour, nose and palette.”


“As each variety is unique, a single ampersand only exists to express that vintage—it’s never repeated. The type, Hither/Yon positioning is dynamic continuing the notion of searching here and there. Further drawing upon the philosophy of here and there, the brand identity evolved into the cellar door by creating an environment from sourcing furniture, objects, material, etc. from anywhere and everywhere. A truly holistic brand, Voice created the name, brand language, packaging, website and cellar door experience.”


Designed by Voice


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